I'm a writer, you're a reader

That's a good start!

It would be even better if you liked to read action/adventure novels, because those are the kind I write. I would very much like to have been born Ernest Hemingway, but I wasn't. I live with that. I suppose we all have to live with disappointments, vague or otherwise. I also wish I was clever enough to write non-fiction. I do have gifts, however. Skills, even. The trick, I think, is the ability to recognise these gifts and pursue them as best we can. We certainly shouldn't leave them laying around doing nothing. And with that in mind I pursued mine. The most notable was the quest to have someone like my books enough to publish them, paying me money in the process. And that eventually happened.

There are links on this page - (to the right if you are on a pc, somewhere below if you are on a mobile) - where, if you follow them, you will be able to make up your own minds as to whether I have other skills or not. Either way, I do try to "...fill the unforgiving minute with sixty seconds' worth of distance run"