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I'm a writer, you're a reader. That's a good start!
At the end of each sample on the "BOOKSHELF" is a link to the various selling outlets, plus a PayPal link where you can buy direct from myself. The latter is the cheapest for all of us.

Don't have a Kindle reader?

No worries, hit the link to install the free app.

link to A Warrior's Code link to An ounce of metal link to I, said the spyder link to If nothing else link to A time to die link to Czechmate link to The Dongola Script link to Thunder Island link to Place of Bones link to The Devil's Breath link to The Silent War link to Power Play
free kindle app

Most of my books can be downloaded for a Kindle viewer.

Some people don't like to read books that way.

Up front, I didn't either. But I do now. Like many other things in life; you have to give it a chance to grow on you.

They're also available as actual books : hard- or soft-cover.