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"...One very good book with plenty of action,intrigue skullduggery and deceit,so plenty to keep you glued to the end..."

"...well written and easy to follow, I would recommend this book to any one..."


"...Second book I have read by Larry Johns and have enjoyed both. No super heroes, just believable characters in the murky world of espionage. Well worth a look..."

"...Kept me on the edge of my seat throughout..."


"...Well written enjoyable and believable tale of war which shows fears, flaws and loyalties on all sides. Feels real enough although fiction, Second book by Larry Johns I have read, both different, both excellent..."

"...very believable detail made this book a real page-turner. A really enjoyable read to the end. I would recommend this book to friends..."

"...a good read..."

"..."A Time to Die" takes us willingly on the treacherous journey of a military assassin. The World War II target is a brilliant and somewhat eccentric Japanese general. Lockhart, the intense and intensely focused protagonist, must navigate not only expected enemy obstructions, but also resistance from his own colleagues. If you enjoy bracing dialogue and unambiguous pacing, you'll enjoy "A Time to Die."..."

"...Awesome book kept me interested the whole time can't wait to read the next Larry Johns book I can't wait..."


"...Another good easy read as always from this Author, moves along well and enough to keep you guessing..."

"...I had a hard time understanding what was going on when the story seemed to switch from the Mediterranean to some guy named Burgess that was god only knows where he was. I assumed it was a dream or a thought of a previous time, but the switching back and forth was confusing to me. I also found it sort of stupid that the agent named Jackie was as dumb as he appeared to be. For an agent to be as trusting as he was is just plain stupid if you ask me. For example, not keeping a close watch on the guy by the name of Werner when he forced himself aboard the little boat they were on. He should have been tied up or handcuffed. A lot of folks died because of this agent Jackie's stupidity..."
NOTE from LJ:

Everything this guy said was absolutely true. PowerPlay was the first novel I posted on Amazon, and I did it all wrong. Not to put too fine a point on it, the formatting was an absolute mess, and my editing was worse. In short, I did not have the vaguest technical idea of what I was doing!

Looking back on it, the only real surprise is that he obviously stuck it out through to the bitter end. Needless to say I put it right PDQ.

LESSON: Never be too hasty!


"...Gilby Nash, ex military, ex special branch, now disgraced by both. A knack of being able to blow things up which people pay him well for. Taking on a job in the middle east was probably not the best idea though. I am growing to like this author, three books now and each one different in main characters, settings and time periods. The small details which are important replace padding which make stories over long. No super heroes just people with a bit of guile who sometimes do things they are not comfortable with. Some nasty types in this one as well which make our criminal main man look like a good guy..."

"...A bit improbable, but fast-paced with an interesting story and good characters. I found it a bit hard at time to understand the Cockney of one character, but understand that helped bring that character to life. Story has all the usual ingredients: terrorism, money, murder, sex and a shootout, but was still a fun read..."


Books Monthly says: "...Gripping thriller - being an ex-soldier himself, Johns knows how they think and act, and his superior knowledge shows in this excellent tale..."

Viki Wilson - "Cornwall Today" says: "...brutal and gripping...The author's own experience as a soldier comes across clearly in this frank and down-to-earth portrayal of his characters, and we are quickly drawn into the shocking and grim world of soldiers for hire. Perhaps Johns' greatest achievement is to make you care about the soulless man who kills for money, as we follow him on a thrilling adventure filled with violence, intrigue and occasional moments of rare beauty as Johns, an artist and traveler in real life, describes the drama and beauty of the African landscapes in which his story takes place."

"...Lots of action. Really like it!..."

"...What a good author. I was there listening to the story being told live in jungle clearing. The characters were such a mixture of personalities that you could believe that the author was telling the tale from experience. I will certainly be looking for more from author Larry Johns..."

"...Well written action yarn about mercenary soldiers in central Africa. Intelligent plot provides enough substance to hang all the action scenes around. I thoroughly enjoyed this one..."

"...Really enjoyed this...was sorry when it finished..."